LJP Industries more than 60 years of experience in pressure metrology...


LJP Industries is a company created in 2012 in order to hand over industrial pressure activities from her parent and well known company LA JUSTE PRESSION previously born in 1952. 

Our premises are located in France in the nearby of Roissy CDG Airport.  Our vision is to become the ideal partner to companies delivering business aviation services. Our focus is to design, and produce long lasting pressure components and services including repair, maintenance and calibration. Our business has diversified over time in all sectors related to the pressure know-how and particularly in the field of aeronautics.


LJP Industries has a real expertise to design, repair or improve pressure tools and high end gauges.

The company provides all the accessories related to pressure measurements within the Nato field, as well as manometry, single valves, 3 ways manifold, HP/LP hoses at any lengths and ranges of pressure, and most existing adapters. 

LJP Industries can handle any type of gazes, compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, special hydraulic oils, fuels, etc.

We are also aiming to create new tools in order to optimize cost and time savings related to aircraft maintenance activity.

-Maintaining and upgrading your pressure tools

-Supplying calibration and tracing back 

-Upgrading Nato kits

-Machining any specific products and adaptors on request.

-Servicing every type of tools in which the pressure lies.

- Supplying comprehensive or tailored Nato kits and components to service Aircrafts and Helicopters.